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Heroku subscription status

Several years ago, when Heroku was young and fresh, I had a question about their service. The only way to ask them a question was to create an account and file a support ticket, so that’s what I did. Some time passed and then suddenly I started receiving monthly Heroku newsletters. While I don’t recall there even being such a checkbox when I signed up, I am always fastidious about not opting in to receive such junk, even with fiendish “By not unchecking this box, you agree to not unsubscribe from our crap” phrasing, but nevertheless I find myself enrolled in their newsletter.

I have been ignoring the newsletter because unsubscribing is usually more trouble than it’s worth and my spam filter knows exactly where to put it. Eventually, somebody (or something) at Heroku caught on and a month ago I received this email:

“You are receiving this email because we do not have a current subscriber status on you for Heroku emails.“

You’d think no status would imply no newsletter, right? That email was followed an hour later by the January newsletter. The status email itself continued,

“If you would rather not opt-in to receive Heroku emails, you do not need to take any action. We will automatically change your status to opted-out within the next 30 days.“

Today I received the February newsletter.

Today I received the March newsletter. Looks like Heroku has decided to change my status to opt-in instead. Thanks.

Posted 20 Feb 2014 22:14 by tedu Updated: 20 Mar 2014 16:48
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