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OpenBSD 2014 by the numbers

A selection of random numbers regarding source changes in 2014. (src only, I don’t have ports or xenocara repos handy.)

At the high level, there were of course two releases, 5.5 and 5.6, each better than never ever before. They came out on time, much like the 35 releases before them.

The first commit of 2014 was to bump the copyright date, but then jsing jumped the gun and bumped it again at the end of the year, resulting in a copyright year one day shorter than the calendar year. Last commit, for the curious.

The top three committers for the year:

deraadt   995
tedu      913
miod      746

As far as slackers go, competition was fierce to commit the least, resulting in an eight way tie.

avsm        1
bmercer     1
jeremy      1
kirby       1
maja        1
nick        1
rpointel    1
stu         1

Who were the most productive developers? Top three in terms of lines added:

jmatthew    32799
afresh1     24880
daniel      19534

Files added:

schwarze      446
djm           105
bluhm         104

In order to prevent cvs from filling up with all this code, it’s necessary to delete some old code. Who’s to blame for the billowing smoke? Same top three for lines and files.

reyk      -848108   -3264
deraadt   -523341    -893
miod      -277918   -1209

Special mention to jsing for achieving the most churn and smallest net gain by adding 153802 lines and deleting 152604.

The three most popular files:

usr.bin/signify/signify.c        90
usr.sbin/sysmerge/sysmerge.sh    88
usr.bin/mandoc/mandocdb.c        85

Too many unpopular files to list.


commits           11044
lines added     1192696
lines deleted   3484520
files added        2653
files deleted      9995

Posted 07 Jan 2015 17:13 by tedu Updated: 08 Jan 2015 04:45
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