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I’ve had a paper copy of Transmetropolitan Volume 1 sitting around the house for about a year, but finally sat down and read it last week. Immediately ordered the full set of ten volumes. (This was an easier decision when the Kindle version was only $6.) I was startled by how it’s a marvelous commentary on current culture and events. At first glance, I saw the copyright date for the collected volume, which is 2009, but the original issues were published starting in 1997. Twenty years later it’s still fresh.

Each volume collects six issues and represent a single story arc, although the volumes also fit together pretty tightly. Most issues are fairly typical narratives (but in a very atypical world), but there’s usually about one more experimental issue per volume. It takes about half of the first volume to establish the world and get up to speed, but after that it’s full steam ahead.

I’d summarize the themes and aspects I really like, but that’s actually pretty hard. Better to just recommend you read it for yourself. Not much of a review. Some panels I liked, which seem relevant.

On callous indifference.


On advertising and tracking culture.


On elected officials.


On tech centric lifestyles.


Haven’t finished the entire series yet, but it’s been great so far.

Posted 01 Dec 2016 23:57 by tedu Updated: 01 Dec 2016 23:57