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an enchanted forest fable

One day you wake up, infused with the entrepreneurial spirit. Enthused even. The time has come to bring forth your vision of a better future. You hike up the road to magic mountain to meet the wizard. Impressed with your spark, he gives you his blessing and so you go to work. Soon, your dream will become reality. Banana peeling as a service.

A few short months later, and you already have 101 customers. Growth is spectacular! Just like the wizard and his magic beans promised. Of course, 99 of those customers are fellow inhabitants of magic mountain and the other two are your mom and college roommate, but magic growth is magic growth.

A few long months later, and you still have 101 customers. But not to worry. Elsewhere on magic mountain there’s a deep fried burritos as a service dream become reality, and they actually have paying muggle customers. With only a tiny pivot, your banana peeling expertise can become burrito unwrapping expertise. You are a true master of the monad. And so, your incredible journey synergizes into theirs.

Some may ask why it was necessary to absorb an entire village of banana peelers instead of hiring a single burrito unwrapper, and why it was necesssary to pay everyone so many millions of hexes, but that’s just quibbling. The council of elder wizards met under the moonlight and decided this was the happiest outcome for everyone.

The end.

Posted 04 Nov 2016 19:02 by tedu Updated: 04 Nov 2016 19:02
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