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ActivityPub August rolls on. Now with more (some) ActivityPub support in flak.

I held off on adding it before because I wasn’t sure how deep I wanted the integration to go, and I had some doubts about how useful minimal support would be. Time to find out.

Posts are now available as activity Article objects. There’s a minimal Person actor as well, since every post needs an author, but that’s about it. No inbox support, no following, no replies, etc. Getting into delivery adds a lot more code, and admin maintenance. I prefer not to think about flak when I’m not thinking about it. I think the objects are complete enough even for fussy implementations to accept them, but one never knows.

Another issue is that sometimes I like to experiment with posts that include custom scripting or styling, and that’s not going to federate well. Oh well, I guess you can figure it out and click through. Or not. WASM over AP when?

Posted 24 Aug 2023 18:53 by tedu Updated: 24 Aug 2023 18:53
Tagged: activitypub flak web