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from apples to pears

Here at Enterprising Enterprise, we love technology, but we’re also pushing it hard, constantly trying to expand the frontier of what’s possible. Along the way, we frequently find we’ve outgrown an earlier technology choice, and it’s time for us to migrate to something new. There’s a cost to doing this, but it’s the only way to keep moving forward.

We’ve recently decided to migrate from using apples to pears. In this post, I’ll outline some of the problems we had with apples, and then I’ll explain some of the cool things about pears that have us really excited about the future. Keep reading to learn more about our newest tech evolution.

bad apples

When we first started using apples, we thought they were great. And they were, for a while. But soon we began to notice problems and it’s slowing down our team. Working at our scale, even small frictions really add up.

The first problem you’ve probably noticed if you’re familiar with apples is they have seeds. We’ve been ignoring this for quite some time, but it’s a frequent topic of discussion. Every team standup now has a checklist item to make sure we’ve dealt with the seeds properly.

Another problem we’ve had with apples is their less than ideal shape. It’s convenient to imagine apples as spheres, and many teams can probably get by with this assumption, but in practice, apples are not spheres. Getting the most out of apples requires a serious investment in understanding their exact topology.

Apples have carried us a long way, and we’re very thankful to have had the option to use them, but it was becoming clear we should look into alternatives.

great pears

We looked at a great many options, but ultimately the team settled on pears. We think they’re a great match for our needs and will be able to grow with us.

You may have heard that pears grow on trees. This is true. And we love it! Trees are great. We’ve been able to set up entire orchards of easy to harvest pear trees.

We started by using pears to make pear cider, but with more experience, we’ve discovered they’re amazingly versatile. We can make pear pies as well, or even pear brandy. The flexibility offered by pears is simply amazing. It’ll be a long time before we exhaust all the possibilities.


Our migration has only started, but it’s energized the entire company. The teams that have switched to pears for new projects have been super productive, and even the teams still using apples are excited to incorporate pears into their internal roadmap for the future.

Thanks for reading. We hope this post has offered some insight into the decisions we’ve made, and if you’re interested, I should mention we’re always hiring.

Posted 17 Jun 2022 06:53 by tedu Updated: 17 Jun 2022 06:53
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