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Normally I don’t look at the source for HTML emails, but sometimes I end up scrounging around for some important data that didn’t survive the conversion to plaintext. And so that’s how I stumbled upon these gems.


The phone number module is hidden on Mobile. 

20150122 [JAMES] - Add left-to-right direction to phone number td so phone number shows correctly for right-to-left languages
20150219 [YVONNE] -Updated variables for Venere - added 1px orange birder for Venere
20151019 [YVONNE] - Removed ATde_AT from TUV logic
20160831 [GREG] - Remove Phone Number for VN


Email Change Log

140515 [JAMES] - Launch Functionality
141126 [JAMES] - Apply exclusion logic for emergency emails M_BZ_OFC
150213 [JAMES] - Switch to Partners Tool data for localisation
160531 [GREG] - Switch from MHotel_Hcom_Destination DE to HCOM_MHotel_Destination


I’m not sure which is more disturbing. The decision to embed version history in every email they send, or the inconsistent date formats, or the strange mix of HTML, C, and C++ style comments. Using -- is a particularly poor choice of decoration within an HTML comment, by the by.

I’m also having a fun time imagining staying at a hotel 50 years ago, then receiving a follow up letter spattered with white out covering up various notes from the marketer to the secretary. “Insert reference to upcoming holiday here.”

Posted 08 Sep 2016 15:45 by tedu Updated: 09 Sep 2016 12:20
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