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if it ain't mangled, don't unmangle it

I have a song on my iPod, “Don’t Pull Your Love” (nonsensical fake video) by the grammatically ambiguous Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. Three dudes, four names (two first, two last). The software on my iPod Nano sees this and decides that at some point in the past some other software must have mangled up the artist name, and therefore the Nano must attempt to unmangle it. Result: appearing in both the artist directory and as the song artist I have Joe Frank & Reynolds Hamilton.

Update: It appears the iPod is not to blame, but Apple certainly is. The song was purchased through iTunes, but the artist info in the .m4a file is wrong, too. The corruption goes all the way to the top!

The album title (Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds-Greatest Hits) did escape unmangled, perhaps due to the dash or perhaps because only artist names get special treatment.

Posted 20 Nov 2013 02:26 by tedu Updated: 20 Nov 2013 04:47