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openbsd changes of note 4

Exciting changes to support more hardware.

But first, normalize bind function names in cwm.

Implement the connection state machine for OpenFlow in switchd.

Disable the laser.

New elements to test your knowledge.

Better support for multiple DHCP relays.

Merge Mesa 13.0.2. Also, less pythonic mesa builds.

TSC timecounter is in.

And now we reach the part where I broke marc.

aoyama added a new device xp(4), preliminary support for LUNA’s I/O processor.

visa fixed octeon to handle (ignore) really small physical memory segments. This was once a problem on x86 machines as well, where you might have 3.9GB of memory split across 3 segments, and 256K split across 44 segments. Diminishing returns to tracking all these tiny segments, so it’s often better to ignore them entirely.

stsp completed the half-done implementation of TKIP countermeasures in hostap mode. Instead of disabling the AP until reboot (!), only disable for 60 seconds as standard specifies. Of course, this is still a DOS waiting to happen. And so, now that it works, the next step was to disable TKIP (WPA1) by default. It remains for compat reasons, but must be requested via ifconfig.

patrick imported OpenBSD/arm64, the strange love child of PowerPC pmap, loongson, arm/armv7 code and
FreeBSD aarch64 code.

mpi introduced the NET_LOCK() a rwlock used to serialize accesses to the parts of the network stack that are not yet ready to be executed in parallel or where new sleeping points are not possible.

mikeb added experimental support for device hot-plugging to xen.

patrick changed libc++ and clang to compile with clang, a step in the direction of self hosting clang ports.

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