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openbsd changes of note 620

6.1 is old news.

Add 8265 and 3168 support to the iwm driver.

Zero some more kernel memory before use, to prevent padding leaks if the structures ever change.

Some changes to libtls. Allow retrieving the cert chain. This somewhat contradicts my original mandate for libtls that it not expose any gnarly X.509 details to the user, but certs are a fact of life and if you have to build a cert chain downloading tool, you’d want to use the cool API, no? Reality eventually corrupts all our dreams. Also, sneak peak, some adjustment to library internals to allow relayd’s privsep engine to work with libtls.

Give tmux clients names. There have been lots of small improvements to tmux over the past six months which haven’t seemed notable in isolation, but shoutout to all the little fixes, too.

Refinements to syslogd’s internal logging code. More consistency, less snowflake.

The neverending project to add sizes to free calls in the kernel is closer to ending.

64 bit bus address support for the msk driver, required for onboard nic in the Overdrive 1000 to work. And use MSI.

Quiesce sensors during suspend and resume so that callbacks aren’t running for detached drivers.

Introduce freezero to libc, a function that combines explicit_bzero and free, but in a potentially optimal way if the memory can be directly unmapped. Use it in a bunch of places.

Mention the installer bug that has the consequence that some users must remove a trailing /6.1 from the uri in the installurl file.

Posted 12 Apr 2017 16:27 by tedu Updated: 12 Apr 2017 16:27
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