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openbsd changes of note 625

Halcyon changes of summer.

Continue with some cleanup and improvement of the depend step of building. Lots of little things to support lex and yacc better as well.

Intel Optane parts are leaking into the wild, some driver fixes to support them.

Add support for pattern substitution to variables in ksh using a common syntax borrowed from ksh93. Or not, reverted.

Deprecate fgetln.

Add detection for missing X sets to syspatch.

Refinement of the inteldrm code, including better backlight support.

A special edition of slaacd for the installer.

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, fix strtol to parse strings like “0xridiculous”.

A fix for malloc and zero sized allocations when using canaries.

Add the ability to pause and unpause VMs in vmd.

Remove “listen secure” syntax from smtpd.conf. It’s broken since a couple of months and noone complained.

Remove sending of router solicitations and processing of router advertisements from the kernel.

The lidsuspend sysctl has been fully replaced by lidaction.

Fix fortune to filter out unprintable characters. Convert the fortune files to using UTF-8 instead of archaic overprinting. Fortunes with unprintable words may still be obtained with the -o option.

Introduce some quirks to the IDE and ATA code to prevent drives from attaching twice on hyper-v.

Add vmctl send and receive as well.

Update to xterm 330.

Remove some magic cleanup from dhclient. It will not deliberately attempt to interfere with other operations on the same interface.

Update libexpat to 2.2.2. Fixes NULL parser dereference.

Ilja Van Sprundel found a whole mess of kernel bugs in this and that. Some info leaks, some erroneous signal handling, some unbounded malloc calls. Lions, tigers, bears. Try to fix them.

Posted 20 Jul 2017 22:15 by tedu Updated: 20 Jul 2017 22:15
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