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openbsd changes of note 7

The OpenBSD 61. It comes at night.

Enable the short slot time feature in 802.11n mode.

Update to terminfo-20170128.

Reduce per packet allocations for crypto.9 (IPsec) from three to one.

Introduce Xen interrupt barriers. Xen interrupt handlers run in thread context, so the usual intr_barrier() function doesn’t work.

In tmux, collect sequences of printable ASCII characters and process them together instead of handling them one by one. This is significantly faster.

Delete the obsolete fork/exec/exit emulation hooks. Last remnant of compat for other systems dies, after removal of linux compat.

Tweak the scheduler to move threads around a little less.

Add percpu counters for TCP stats. And ipv6, icmp6, divert. And carp and pfsync.

FAQ note that upgrading from 6.0 to current (and thus 6.1) by compilign source is not supported. Use a snapshot.

Teach pstat -d to also print untyped kernel symbols. pstat -d is a little known debugging tool that can print any kernel variable. It always required a format string to specify type, but in the KVM interface some symbols defined in assembly were even more untyped than usual...

Fix a bug discovered power testing mandoc on Ubuntu on POWER8.

The videocore portion of the raspberry pi which boots the arm cores and runs the mailbox interface knows about a MAC address derived from a unique serial number and modifies the device tree when booting to store this address while a different smsc adapter probes later and skips this path.

Add a default empty .ssh/authorized_keys for root with the correct permissions.

Turn off pointer sign warnings in clang, which tend to make tons of noise.

Ongoing dancing with the NET_LOCK.

On Apple hardware, claim an OSI of Darwin and no other OSes, which makes ACPI work better and keeps Thunderbold working after resume.

Increase the DNS packet buffer size to 4096. There are some really broken DNS servers out there that send packets >512 bytes without even the courtesy of trying to use EDNS0.

At long last, double quotes will look like normal single width characters in mandoc -Tascii output.

Update to unbound-1.6.1rc3. And then release.

Entirely too many arm64 changes to accurately describe involving timers and interrupts and caches and snooping. Stuff happened, things changed.

A bunch of updates to X video drivers for hardware you don’t have.

Add EDNS0 support to libc but don’t advertize anything.

Copy rows instead of pixels to the framebuffer, for blazing boot speeds with EFI.

Add acpisbs, smart battery subsystem driver. Mostly for Apple hardware, which doesn’t support acpibat now that OSI is set to Darwin.

SHA1 collisions are no longer theorized.

Update to mesa 13.0.5.

Switch to xenodm, gluten free alternative to xdm.

Implement D and U options for ar, setting archive fields to deterministic values.

Add libc support for RES_USE_DNSSEC. This scheme assumes that the validating resolver is trusted and that the communication channel between the validating resolver and and the client is secure. So watch that.

Add some support for touchpads to wsmouse.

Remove support for pkg.conf. Instead look at at /etc/installurl. Or PKG_PATH as before.

Use timingsafe_memcmp() to compare MIT-MAGIC-COOKIES. And other fixes pertinent to X41-2017-001: Multiple Vulnerabilities in X.Org.

Update to tzdata2017a.

Add an owner option to vmd, so users can access them. Add an option to lock the MAC address.

Fix a bug allowing a man-in-the-middle attack against WPA wireless clients.

Add a new sysctl to control lidaction, allowing hibernate instead of just suspend.

Improved install notes for octeon (ERL).

New -Tmarkdown output mode for mandoc.

Don’t handle amd64 NMI by sending userland SIGBUS. Hardware failure is a kernel problem.

Lots of new features in ldpd, which is some sort of routing thing and not at all related to printing.

First signs of 6.1 approaching: new signify keys for 6.2.

Move version to 6.1-beta.

Improvements to uvm core dumping code, for people who still make mistakes.

Introducing recallocarray(3), a blend of calloc(3) and reallocarray(3) with the added feature that released memory is cleared. Allocation in any flavor you like.

There is a 61.html page, but it is still very early.

Prevent integer overflow in PF when calculating the adaptive timeout.

Improve USB host controller drivers, notably polling mode. Also allow forcing USB keyboard to be the console keyboard, which means it could even work in ddb.

Update to LLVM 4.0.0 release.

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