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openbsd changes of note 8

Wrapping up the best ever release.

Fix some bugs in scan_scaled. Add tests. Fix more bugs.

mandoc cgi mode redirects to better URLs.

Some fixes to vmd to handle controls sockets and TTYs and reboot and other edge cases better.

Configure and apply the multitouch-tracking functions of wsmouse.

Convert some code here and there to using recallocarray.

Improve documentation for the jungle that is sysctl.

Too many use after free bugs in USB drivers, so, for release, revert memory synchronization change to usbdi.c that only works if code elsewhere is correct.

Import dhcrelay6, a DHCPv6 relay, for people living in the past in the future.

The pledge group “ioctl” has been split into a few more targeted permissions.

Add slaacd, a Stateless Address AutoConfiguration Daemon, for people living in the future in the present.

Audio fixes for azalia on Kaby Lake processors.

A great many fixes to vmd to support guests other than OpenBSD. With seabios support, the new default, even penguins can fly.

Fix a leak of stack contents in kernel exec functions.

Kernel W^X comes to arm64.

Add “(compatible with GNU linkers)” to the lld version output so that configure scripts which only look for magic strings work.

Implement a driver for Marvell’s XHCI controller found on some arm devices.

Merge Mesa 13.0.6

TLS ticket support in httpd.

Add support for RFC4754 (ECDSA) and RFC7427 authentication to iked. Add support to reflect the responder IKEv2 COOKIE, as used by Azure.

Add signify public keys for syspatch for the current and next release.

Unlock tree, we are now hacking on 6.1-current.

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