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surprise gift from Amazon

Amazon has a trade-in program where they buy back electronics (and books, etc.) and give you store credit. If the item isn’t in good enough condition, they’ll return it to you. About two weeks ago, I sent in a Canon camcorder I never really used. Got a credit. Then today I received a package from Amazon. The magic camera elves in Kentucky (where the Amazon trade-in depot is located) turned my camcorder into a Canon DSLR camera. The box even included the camcorder packing slip I printed out and sent with the first package.

I assume the traded in DSLR was found wanting in some respect and on its way home when my packing slip and address got shuffled into the mix. I would forward it on its way, but the only address I have is my address. If it had a lens, maybe I could even use it for a while, but alas it’s only the body. Guess I’ll just stick it in the corner for a while until somebody asks for it.

Posted 08 Oct 2013 22:17 by tedu Updated: 08 Oct 2013 22:17
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