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the chilling effect is coming from inside the house

Big Stomper is out to get you. Better watch what you say, or you’ll get stomped.

Of course, they won’t admit to stomping you. They’ll even deny it. Make it look like an accident or natural causes, an unfortunate rockslide. But you’ll be stomped just the same. All for speaking out about their misdeeds.

Not everyone believes Big Stomper is even responsible, but I hang out on the Stomp Watch forum, where we catalog and discuss the evil things Big Stomper is up to. So we know that when something bad happens, Big Stomper is to blame. Sometimes we debate if the stomping is carried out in house, or contracted out, but we are all agreed that the murky lack of evidence is a clear sign that professionals are involved. These are not amateur stompers.

Because I know what Big Stomper is capable of, it would be irresponsible not to warn you what happens to anyone who reveals their secrets. Everyone at Stomp Watch would love to discuss your revelations, but you need to know that you will definitely get stomped. Big Stomper does this to dissuade future leakers.

Some people (there’s always that “someone” on the internet, right?) will tell that it’s safe to come forward, these are just rumors and wild speculation. Well, they’re not the ones risking their lives, are they? Anyone inside Big Stomper who feels obligated to disclose the truth should come check out Stomp Watch first to know the risks.

Posted 09 May 2024 22:11 by tedu Updated: 09 May 2024 22:11
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