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too much email protection

I’m reading a CloudFlare blog post about serialization in Lua, and I’m thinking this might be useful. Then I scroll down to see what it looks like in action.

too much protection

Err, that looks kinda weird. Now I’m thinking maybe this isn’t the serialization library for me.

Perhaps it’s just a mistake? View source.

<p>A sample data table looks like this:</p>
<pre><code>local data = {
    people = {
            id = "123",
            name = "Alice",
            email = "<a class="__cf_email__" href="http://www.cloudflare.com/email-protection" data-cfemail="f3929f9a9096b3968b929e839f96dd909c9e">[email&nbsp;protected]</a><script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
(function(){try{var s,a,i,j,r,c,l,b=document.getElementsByTagName("script");l=b[b.length-1].previousSibling;a=l.getAttribute('data-cfemail');if(a){s='';r=parseInt(a.substr(0,2),16);for(j=2;a.length-j;j+=2){c=parseInt(a.substr(j,2),16)^r;s+=String.fromCharCode(c);}s=document.createTextNode(s);l.parentNode.replaceChild(s,l);}}catch(e){}})();
/* ]]> */
            phones = {

Ah, yes. The email protector has protected dear Alice’s email, but didn’t quite manage to get out of its own way. I’m assuming nobody typed that mess in on purpose, which means CloudFlare has some automatic protection injecting proxy magic. Too much magic for me.

Posted 04 Mar 2014 02:22 by tedu Updated: 04 Mar 2014 02:22