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better older days

Do you miss the good old days? So does the Feb 1 The Atlantic.

People used to talk to each other, now they sit alone together tweeting. Norway has fallen in love with Slow TV. Nice and slow, just the way we used to like it. Two of the best reality shows are apparently Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. They don’t make stuff like this anymore! Narratives used to be told differently, betterly. Elmore Leonard’s best TV adaptation is Justified (great show), which is pretty much a throwback dude bringing his old school Wild West justice into the modern era. Even flying used to be fun.

English used to be better back when people knew what words meant, but now You’re Saying It Wrong. Well, except literally has sometimes been used to mean figuratively for literally hundreds of years. Of course, everybody says English used to be better; people have even been pointing out that everybody says this for some time. Some collected quotes about the decline of English. I also found a great blog post about poorly justified language pet peeves in general. Somewhere on the internet is a considerably longer list of contemporary complaints about then new words we find perfectly acceptable today; wish I could find it. Another great article on the subject, Concerning Developments. Also: In this day of slack style... and Centuries of disgust and horror?

Eastport, Maine is a small town that (like most of Maine) literally has seen better older days, but maybe better newer days are coming too. Exciting facts: Holland, Michigan uses waste heat to keep the sidewalks snow free in the winder. Eastport has an experimental tidal power electric plant.

The November issue pronounced Elon Musk greatest living inventor; a writer to the editor asks why the article didn’t name any of his inventions, those things inventors used to invent.

Hugh Hefner wishes he could have attended a party thrown by Jay Gatsby.

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