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Who wore it worst?

The Post is pretty bad. Beware the scary glow in the dark hacker.

wapo cloudbleed image

The Journal is less alarming, but rather useless. Hey, look at the tubes.

wsj cloudbleed image

Motherboard skipped the tech and went with the meteorological imagery.

motherboard cloudbleed image

Ars Technica decided to forego their usual backlit keyboard gallery for some generic secret art. Inoffensive, but irrelevant.

ars cloudbleed image

And finally, The Verge comes through with a completely relevant image. An actual screenshot from the bug report.

verge cloudbleed image

Nicely done. That’s what real cyberjournalism looks like.

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new world economy

The New Yorker money issue, October 10. There’s some good articles about evolving, er, disrupting, business practices.


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New Yorker May 16

Another “Innovators Issue”. Fell a little behind in my reading, but this is a good issue with some great pieces.


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convention quote quiz

Some quotes pulled from recent New Yorker article on the history of presidential nominations. Who said it and when?

“The Republican National Convention at Cleveland next week promises to be a very dull show.”

“Have no influence in the election on the score of the Negroes.”

“Free the delegates.”

“Americans must rule America.”

“This is strictly a white man’s party.”

“I wish I could slay a Mexican.”

“We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race.”

“In this bright new century, let me ask you to win to your side the women of the United States.”

“Women will decide the outcome of this election.”

“Are the American people fit to govern themselves?”

“The will of the people is crap.”


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pedobear uses a macbook

Based on the fact that Ars Technica likes to use a MacBook keyboard to illustrate many of their child porn related stories, I conclude that’s pedobear’s preferred computing device.


Don’t be a creeper: use a ThinkPad.

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Time and Esquire both went full Trump this week, with cover titles of “How Trump Won” and “Hater in Chief”, respectively. Not to mention very similar red, white, and gray color themes.


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natural grass preservatives

From Time’s surprisingly healthy snack foods list.

Is the implication that corn fed beef jerky requires artifical preservatives? What makes grass beef so naturally resistant to spoiling?

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on the power of proprietary information

Lots of great articles in the October 13, 2014 New Yorker, all connected by the common theme of knowledge is power. Who knows what and when gives one a considerable edge. Nothing surprising, but reading about it from several perspectives reveals just how true the old saying is.


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Time had an article I liked about Kentucky’s healthcare exchange, Kynect. A similar piece with some of the highlights is in LA Times.

Mostly, I’m fascinated by McConnell’s attempts at threading the political needle now that people seem to like the law that he promised them they’d hate. “Hey, this law made us do something we never would have done, but now that we have and we like the result, that still doesn’t change anything. I’m always right.” Of course, voters seem equally confused about the name and nature of the law that was passed, so he still has some wiggle room.

Nothing new, people have always filtered reality through ideology, but in this case some of the facts are going to be hard for voters to ignore. Wonder how this will play out. In five years, will people be celebrating the (actually unchanged) healthcare law that “we should have had all along” after a few more rebranding exercises?

Tangential post on Bounded Rationality.

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the language of money

From the New Yorker, Money Talks - Learning the language of finance. For a little while I thought this article was going somewhere, but as I read more I decided I don’t like it much at all. It positions itself as piercing the veil of obscurity surrounding financial and economic jargon, but then ultimately contributes even more confusion to the field.


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