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Some free iPhone apps I’ve found useful. I’ve written about paid apps and games in other posts.

Facebook - Maybe not the most useful, but probably the most used.

Chase - If the deposit by camera feature worked more reliably, this would be great, but it only works in perfect lighting and some checks it just doesn’t like at all. It’s usually worth one attempt, then the check goes into the eventual bank visit pile.

Netflix - With the TV cable, works great as a portable Roku. Don’t watch much on the iPhone screen, however.

Instapaper Free, Economist Free - Were very useful when I had more reliable reading time. Now that I’m alone with the phone less often, I’m less inclined to rely on it for timely reading.

Stanza - Broad and easy to browse selection of free books.

Kindle - Switched to the Kindle app after getting the Kindle device. Not all the books are free, but the books I purchase I tend to want to read quickly, or at least comfortably. That leaves all the free books to be read on the phone at a more leisurely pace.

Photosynth - A panoramic picture stitcher. Very easy to use, produces reasonable results considering the limitations of the input, works fast. Gold star.

Open Table - Find a restaurant, make a reservation, walk there, earn rewards. Sweet deal.

Amazon - Ironically, used this app the most in a Barnes & Noble store.

Posted 30 Jun 2011 20:18 by tedu Updated: 09 Mar 2013 18:37
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