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paid apps roundup

iPhone apps I paid for and don’t regret. Apps where I know the author are marked kta. See also the games and free apps roundups.

WhatsApp - Text message replacement. Not a heavy texter, so I’m not saving money, but it has a few bonus features like location sharing and group chat that make it nicer than SMS. Even though I never run out of texts, there is the peace of mind being freed from even considering if a message is worth 20c. kta.

iTrans NYC - Subway maps. Bought this just to always have a subway map available, but discovered a great second use. Download the neighborhood maps ahead of time, and you’ll have fast offline access to detailed street maps without waiting to make a cell connection. kta.

JotNot Pro - Portable document scanner. Someday I hope to use this, as detailed in my paperless project post.

Camera+ - A great drop in replacement for the default app. It only takes a few touchups to drastically improve the visible detail of photos taken with the builtin camera.

Nike+ GPS - Run tracker. I find the phone too heavy to carry on every run, but take the app with me every once in a while, particularly when trying out a new route.

Split Expense - Total up expenses, then send bills to your friends. Bought it after a friend used it on a trip, then used it myself on a later one. The app is very basic, but easy enough to use once you’re used to it. As much as the formality of tracking every purchase seems like it’d drag down the fun, I found the opposite to be true. People stopped worrying about who paid for what when they knew that an accurate settling up would occur.

Precorder - Video recorder that’s always a few seconds ahead. Would have loved to have this app a million times, then I bought and haven’t needed it since. Am hoping to get a chance to use it. kta.

Posted 30 Jun 2011 20:17 by tedu Updated: 09 Mar 2013 18:38
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