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The New Yorker money issue, October 10. There’s some good articles about evolving, er, disrupting, business practices.

There’s several short articles under the Work For Hire heading. Plus some more from an earlier issue.

The Anti-Uber Juno promises to treat its drivers with respect. More importantly, they even get stock in the company, so when they get replaced by self driving cars, at least they still have something. They’re in a tough spot though, because nobody wants to fund them, expecting Uber to succeed. Especially those firms that have already poured billions of dollars into Uber, the first company to weaponize money. I’m not sure if Uber is literally the first to try outburning rivals, but they are doing it an extraordinary level. By the time Uber’s investors demand profits, its competitors will be out of business. Interesting point that unlike a Walmart competitor that tries to move into town and capitalize on unhappy employees, Juno can share employees with Uber. You can’t work in two superstores at once, but you can drive around with two smartphones.

Sweden is Cashing Out and going all plastic. Or skip the plastic and go all smartphone. Some good points here about crime. It’s hard to get away with mugging somebody when stealing their money requires giving them your bank account number. Funny anecdote about going to a bar where they speak Global English, which is like normal English except bathrooms are called toilets.

Trumptown, West Virginia. Trump supporters support Trump for unexpected reasons (to Trump critics). A very human article.

Sam Altman of Y Combinator is Adding a Zero and going to save the world by comprehensively revising the way we live. Two founders are already having anxiety attacks, but that’s just their neurons accidentally firing because of outside stimulation. Or scurvy. Why do these fuckers get to decide what happens to me? It’s capitalism. Do your fucking job or get your ass kicked. There will be an exception to the original plan, then two exceptions, and then the system will have changed. What a time to be alive!

Marx Is Back to explain the new modes of production. The purpose of philosophy is to understand conditions in order to change them.

Cartoon caption: woman on phone says “I’m spending more time promoting myself than I am being myself.”

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