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roku three

Got the new Roku 3. I had the very first original Roku (video player) from not long after it came out, then the upgraded XD model which honestly changed just about nothing. The model 3 is significantly improved.

It’s much faster. This shouldn’t have been an issue (how hard is it to scroll a few thumbnails? why was that slow?), but in any case it’s much snappier.

The remote uses radio instead of infrared. Major usability improvement. Worth the price of admission on its own? Maybe.

Very small. Meh. The previous models were hardly consuming too much space.

The USB port works well with a hard drive of movies (other previous models had them, but not mine), and is more convenient than turning on one of the other USB video playing devices.

Roku the company is in a precarious position. There are so many devices plugged into my TV it needs an HDMI switch. Every one of them is Netflix and Hulu and whatever capable. What use is a device that can only do streaming video? Because, for now, they do it better, mostly by being always on. If the PS4 comes with a 4W always on mode that can stream video, Roku is going to be in serious trouble.

Posted 15 May 2013 06:15 by tedu Updated: 15 May 2013 06:15