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www redirects

Currently, the web server for tedunangst.com (without www.) is set up to redirect all requests to www.tedunangst.com/. I could have mirrored the content, or redirected to the full URL, but instead everything goes to the top page. While it’s a little less convenient for anyone stumbling upon such links, in the long run I think it’s beneficial.

The long term goal is to only have one canonical website. I don’t want the same pages available at slightly different addresses. So mirroring is out. Redirecting is possible, but links without the www part will continue to proliferate if they work. The dumb redirect gives people enough of a hint on how to find the content they came for and offers a stronger disincentive to continued sharing of the broken link.

Update: Now there’s no A record at all. Too many stupid bots trying to crawl the site without www.

Posted 29 Jul 2011 00:19 by tedu Updated: 18 Jun 2014 18:25
Tagged: software thoughts web