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making bad coffee

I used to drink coffee for the sake of drinking coffee. In recent years I mostly switched to drinking coffee for the sake of going out and having something to do. Since I no longer go outside and there’s nowhere to go anyway, I have stopped drinking coffee, but since I’ve been spending so much time inside peering into my pantry, I found a bag of coffee from the before times and thought I’d have some fun.


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natural grass preservatives

From Time’s surprisingly healthy snack foods list.

Is the implication that corn fed beef jerky requires artifical preservatives? What makes grass beef so naturally resistant to spoiling?

Posted 22 Jun 2015 19:07 by tedu Updated: 22 Jun 2015 19:07
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won't contain gluten in the bag

They’re potato chips. Why would they have gluten? “Gluten free” is the new “won’t turn pink in the can”.

gluten free chips

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On the wall at Sketch.


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gluten free math puzzle

Quoting from Celiac Power, “They tested the blood for gluten antibodies, expecting to see the current 1 percent rate of disease. Instead, only 0.002 percent of the airmen tested positive. Further tests showed today’s young men were 41/2 times more likely to have the illness.”

Puzzle: Arrange the numbers 0.01, 0.00002, and 20.5 in a sensible equation.

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